Untold story of an aching soul deserted to the void

I am sliding -in and out
of a wrecked lighthouse
stuck in the waved sea walls 
if I swim across the other side
if I wipe the foam of my mouth
could I touch the stars?

The raging emptiness crashes against the boulder
caresses it with a sharp thunder
there's nothing there

I talk to the rocks
pour my spirit in the air
my tongue touches the salt,
consumes all the years and all the needles
the dull blades piercing the gelid skin
corroding, biting, numbing, 
I lost my teeth some time ago
there's nothing there

I walk through my loneliness like I'm on fire
trying to clean the carpet,
vacuum the shattered remains of the building
collapsed in my laps.
Look at my hands,
the stars are turned to dust
I gaze at the sky
there's nothing there

only absense

I keep falling from trees,
floating amongst the dead leaves
reading unfinished story endings
resisting the exit
I don't want to dive in the darkness of the sea
I don’t know how to stop the lashing
I don't want to write the ending

I go back to the ashes,
my foundations
I go back to the waves
the absense, again
A never ending gasp for air.


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